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ad be●en without food or water for ▓forty-eight hours.These were t▓he men who made the Empire; regiments l▓ike the 3rd Light Dragoons, the 50th●, 62nd, 29th, and 53rd made the history ▓of which their descendants rea●p the benefit. The sympath▓y of Hardinge for his men is to●uching.He visited the wounded and c●heered them.To a man who had los●t an arm he pointed sympathetically ●to his own emp

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ty sleeve, and remin▓ded him of Quatre Bras; to him who had los▓t a leg he told the story of how his own son ●had fought in that wondrous ●battle, and had done so without the foot h●e had lost in former fight.Bu●t all archologists will reco●gnise in him a confrère as t▓he man who repaired and prevent●ed from falling into decay the T●aj Mahal at Agra. No one can read t●he story of the Sikh War without a feelin●g of pride for the men who did ▓th

eir duty so patiently, so bra●vely, and under such distresses●.But they had still much to do with one ▓of the bravest and most stubborn foe▓s the British have ever had to face in Hind▓ostan.For in January 1846 the ▓Sikh Sirdars threatened Loodianah, an▓d effected a passage of the Sutlej near ▓that place, as well as at a ●point near where they had recrossed the riv●er after their defeat at Ferozeshah●.This latter passage, near Sobraon,

formed by a● bridge of boats, they had further cove▓red by a well-constructed tête▓ du pont. Sir Harry Smith, ●a Peninsular veteran whose medal ribb▓on bore twelve clasps, marched to● arrest the danger that threa▓tened Loodianah, and thus eventually ▓brought on the battle of Aliwal, a▓s the Sobraon position brought on the bat▓tle that bears that name.In both the British● were victorious, though with heavy loss. 29▓1

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The battle formation at Aliwal was typic▓al, and is therefore worth recording.The▓ front was covered by the cavalry ●in “contiguous columns of squadrons▓,” with two battalions of horse artillery betw▓een the Brigades.The infantry followe●d in “contiguous columns of briga▓des at deploying intervals,” with arti●llery in the spaces between brigades, and ●two eight-inch howitzers in rear.The ▓right flank, as far as a wet n?/p>

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坲llah some distance off, was co▓vered by the 4th Irregular Cavalry.●There seems, therefore, to have been but one▓ line, and this was fully capable of manuvrin●g.From the above line of columns it formed li●ne with bayonets fixed and colours flying, the● artillery forming three groups, one on eit▓her flank, the other in the centre.▓ When the Sikhs threatened to turn▓ the right of this line, it “broke into colu▓mns to take ground to the

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right and reform line ●with the precision of the most correct field●-day,”60 and for a second time advanced. Th▓e whole force was but 10,000 m▓en against nearly 20,000 of the enemy, w●ith 68 guns, but the position was gloriously ca●rried, and the 16th Lancers and the 31st▓, 50th, and 53rd Regiments greatly disting●uished themselves, the Lancers l●osing 100 men and 8 officers, while th●e total “bill” was 589 men; but the victory wa▓s most compl

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Medical Hospital Branch

ete, and all the enemy’s stores

e Sepoys.Sir H.H | arding▓e then,
Medical Hospital Branch

●were captured. A short del

waiving his offi | cial rank, elect
Medical Hospital Branch

ay occurred before● the next ba

e▓d to serve as | second in comma
Medical Hospital Branch

ttle, that of Sobraon, as ●Sir

nd to the comm▓ | ander-in-chief.
Medical Hospital Branch

Hugh Gough awaited his reinforce

Sir John Litt | ler pushed u▓p
Medical Hospital Branch

ment by S●ir Harry Smith, while

from Ferozepore | and joined the a
Medical Hospital Branch

Sir Char●les Napier was assemb

rmy. ▓ 289 Th | e total force wa
Medical Hospital Branch

ling a third, o▓r reserve army

s even now but 5 | 674 Eu▓ropeans
Medical Hospital Branch

at Sukkur.But the brave Sikh▓s

and 12,053 nativ | e troops, with 6
Medical Hospital Branch

were still confident.The So●bra

5 guns,● agains | t 25,000 regular
Medical Hospital Branch

on entrenchments were stron●g,

s, 10,0▓00 irre | gular troops, an
Medical Hospital Branch

with a frontage of 3500 yards, a

d 83 guns.Then b | egan a m▓ore de
Medical Hospital Branch

nd held ▓34,000 men and 70 guns

sperate fight th | an Moodkee, the
Medical Hospital Branch

on th▓e left bank of the Sutle

battle of▓ Fero | zeshah.It was to
Medical Hospital Branch

j, and on▓ the other were some

be a two d▓ays | ’ battle, and e
Medical Hospital Branch

20,000 more. ▓ Sir Hugh did n

ven lasted into | the inte▓rvenin
Medical Hospital Branch

ot hesitate, and adv▓anced with

g night.There we | re but two lin▓
Medical Hospital Branch

6533 Europeans and 9691 nat▓iv

es, the second b | eing formed of t
Medical Hospital Branch

e troops, among which were the▓

he● small reser | ve under Sir Hen
Medical Hospital Branch

10th, 29th, 53rd, and 88th Regi

ry Smith and the | cav▓alry.The a
Medical Hospital Branch

ments o▓f the line, and the 3rd

rtillery opened | fire and closed?/span>
Medical Hospital Branch

Dragoons.The ●ford of Hurrekee

?up to within 3 | 00 yards of the
Medical Hospital Branch

on the left was watched by th●

enemy’s g●uns, | and then the in
Medical Hospital Branch

e 16th, and the division formed

fantry charged a | nd▓ took them.E
Medical Hospital Branch

in ▓three lines, with a292 brig

ven then the Sik | hs▓ did not fal
Medical Hospital Branch

ade in eac▓h, and marched again

l back.The troop | s ▓formed up 15
Medical Hospital Branch

st the works at 3 ●a.m.on the 1

0 yards from the | enem●y’s camp
Medical Hospital Branch

0th February, opening fire with?/p>

, and lay down i | n “●contiguous
Medical Hospital Branch

?a powerful force of artille●r

quarter distanc | e columns●,” w
Medical Hospital Branch

y as soon as the morning mi▓sts

hile the reserve | at 10 p.m.occup
Collect from /
Medical Hospital Branch

rose.When the fire told, the a?/p>

ie●d the villag | e in front.The 6
Medical Hospital Branch

駍sault was delivered, and with

2▓nd had suffer | ed so severely t
Medical Hospital Branch

complete ●success.The European

hat 17 officer● | s out of 23 had
Medical Hospital Branch

regiments▓ had advanced without

been killed and?/span> | ?wounded.The 3r
Medical Hospital Branch

firing a shot until t●hey had

d Dragoons charg | ●ed in the dark
Medical Hospital Branch

penetrated the works, “●a forb

and broke up th | e hostile ▓camp
Medical Hospital Branch

earance much to be commen●ded a

, and lost 10 of | ficers an●d 120
Medical Hospital Branch

nd most worthy of constant imit?/p>

men out of 400 | in doing so; whi
Medical Hospital Branch

馻tion, to which may be attribut

●le during the | night the Sikh a
Medical Hospital Branch

ed the s▓uccess of their first

rtillery opened | ▓fire, and the
Medical Hospital Branch

effort▓ and the small loss they

80th charged an?/span> | 馾 stopped it, a
Medical Hospital Branch

sustained,” ●and after two ho

nd spiked three | guns.Well m●igh
Medical Hospital Branch

urs’ fighting the tête du p▓o

t the general sa | y “Plucky▓ dog
Medical Hospital Branch

nt was won, and the Sikhs, i●n

s, plucky dogs— | we cannot fail t
Medical Hospital Branch

recrossing the bridge of boats,

o win w●ith suc | h men as these!?/span>
Medical Hospital Branch

suff●ered terrible loss from th

?A more w●onde | rful battle neve
Medical Hospital Branch

e fire o▓f our Horse Artillery.

r was.H▓ere, wi | thin 150 yards o
Medical Hospital Branch

But the victory h▓ad cost us de

f one another, w | ●ere 8000 Briti
Medical Hospital Branch

ar.The 29th had lo▓st 13 office

sh troops agains | t▓ an unknown n
Medical Hospital Branch

rs and 135 men; the 31st, 7 offi

umber of enemies | ● yet unbroken.
Medical Hospital Branch

c●ers and 147 men; the 50th, 12

All the Gover▓n | or-General’s st
Medical Hospital Branch

officers an▓d 227 men; and the

aff had been kil | led or wounded▓
Medical Hospital Branch

10th, 3 officers▓ and 130 men:

, but he wrote c | heerfully to his
Medical Hospital Branch

while Sir Robert Dick, Gener●a

●family and de | scribed how “I
Medical Hospital Branch

l Cyril Taylor, and General M●?/p>

bivouacked w●it | h the men, witho
Medical Hospital Branch

疞aren among the leaders were al

ut food or co●v | ering, and our n
Medical Hospital Branch

so among● the slain.On the othe

ights are bitter | cold, a burnin?/span>
Medical Hospital Branch

r hand, the Si▓khs had lost 14,

駁 camp in our f | ront, our brave
Medical Hospital Branch

000 men. Sobraon was “the ●

fell●ows lying | down under a hea
Medical Hospital Branch

Waterloo of the Sikhs.” Their a

vy ca▓nnonade, | mixed with the w
Medical Hospital Branch

▓ims on our Indian possessions

ild ●cries of t | he Sikhs, our Br
Medical Hospital Branch

wer▓e completely frustrated.But

itish hurrah! th | ●e tramp of men
Medical Hospital Branch

●the field army was too weak t

, and the groans | o●f the dying.
Medical Hospital Branch

o do mo▓re than it had done, an

” But hearts qu | ailed no▓t, and
Medical Hospital Branch

d tho▓ugh some of the enemy’s

the wearied sol | diers sle●pt pe
Medical Hospital Branch

territory ●was “occupied,” th

acefully beside | their arms and ?/span>
Medical Hospital Branch

e reins of gover▓nment were sti

皐ished ▓for da | y.” They deploy
Medical Hospital Branch

ll permitted to rem●ain nominal

ed at daylight▓ | for the third,
Medical Hospital Branch

ly in the youthful hands of Dhul

last, and crowni | n▓g incident.
Medical Hospital Branch

ee●p Singh, until the time came

And so the 20t | h December da▓w
Medical Hospital Branch

▓for the annexation of the who

ned.It sounds li | ke the days of s
Medical Hospital Branch

le district of▓ the Punjaub.

o-called ch●iva | lry to read that
Medical Hospital Branch

The final opportunity came t▓h

, at that close | range, t▓he Com
Medical Hospital Branch

ree years later, in 1849, when t

mander-in-Chief | and th▓e Govern
Medical Hospital Branch

he Marquis o●f Dalhousie was Go

or-General of In | dia pla▓ced the

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mselves in f


ront of the t?/span>

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駑o wings of

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the line, ?/span>

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vernor-General. Int●estine troubles, in due course and ▓as usual, arose in Mooltan.There was the● customary doubt as to the loyal●ty of some of the Sirdars of Mooltan.The Europe●

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an assistant resident and some others were murd▓ered at Lahore; a sufficient cause for furthe▓r war.Some insignificant skirmishes pr●eceded the final and more imp▓ortant collisions.M

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ooltan was b▓esieged by a force under General Whish, an oper●ation shared in by the 10th and▓ 32nd European Regiments, but the sieg▓e had to be abandoned.Lord Gough had ●meanwhile b

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  • han half, beaten, fled, and● left 74 guns behind him; but meanw
  • hile ther▓e arrived to him a strong rein?/li>
  • 坒orcement under Tej Sing.He was threatene▓d by t
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